Recent publications, updates from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC, and several upcoming events

Recent reports and publications. Last week, BC CRISM researchers published an article in the Journal of Addiction Medicine highlighting the shortage of medical professionals trained in addiction medicine in BC. Researchers created a provider availability index for each health authority in BC by analyzing the number of people categorized as having high-risk substance use problems compared to the number of trained providers in each region...

BC Overdose Action Coalition, BC Addiction Conference and Research Day, recent reports and publications, and a spotlight on advocacy and support groups for family members of loved ones struggling with substance use

News. BC CRISM members attended the June 9th meeting of the BC Overdose Action Coalition, held at the BC Centres of Disease Control. Over 80 experts, including Health Minister Terry Lake and the Provincial Health Officer Perry Kendall, met to discuss ways to tackle the overdose crisis, in the wake of the public health emergency declaration...

Our first newsletter describing the national CRISM clinical trial, OPTIMA

Welcome to the newsletter for the BC Node of the Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). You have been added to this email list as you are a collaborator on the CIHR-funded grant for CRISM (PI: Evan Wood) and/or you are interested in substance use research. This newsletter will provide important updates and news from the B.C. Node periodically...

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