Giving some addicts heroin may be more effective than methadone to break habit
May 28, 2010 | The Canadian Press

LONDON – Some heroin addicts who got the drug under medical supervision had a better chance of kicking the habit than those who got methadone, a new study says. In a British study of 127 people who previously failed to beat their addiction, scientists gave them either injectable heroin or meth...

Conservatives should get weak on drugs
April 26, 2010 | The National Post

Citizens from across the political spectrum have largely considered illicit drugs such as cocaine and marijuana a grave threat to Canadian society. Accordingly, promises to get tough on drugs are proven vote-spinners for politicians coast-to-coast. Not surprisingly, the mandatory minimum sentences f...

Mandatory minimums won’t curtail illicit drugs
April 15, 2010 | The Toronto Star

By Dr. Evan Wood Illicit drugs represent one of the greatest threats to community health, and recent examples of drug-related violence across Canada show the toll continues to mount: A double slaying in picturesque Old Montreal has the hallmarks of a professional hit. Winnipeg police warn of “...

Tough on crime’ drug laws
April 06, 2010 | The Vancouver Sun

The BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS must be congratulated for its important study demonstrating that Canada’s overemphasis on drug-law enforcement will not reduce drug supply or drug-related violence. Columnist Peter McKnight is right to point out that many governments have an illogical a...

Methadone is key to effective drug treatment
April 05, 2010 | The Scotsman

As a group of experts in the treatment of opiate-dependent people, we write to express our dismay about the continuing misrepresentation in the media of the evidence on the effectiveness of methadone treatment. The purpose of this treatment for the distressing condition of opiate dependency is perha...

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