Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

Transform substance use policy and care in BC through the integration of evidence based education, research and care.


The BCCSU’s mission is to provide provincial leadership in substance use and addiction research, education and clinical care guidance and to seamlessly integrate these pillars to help shape a comprehensive, connected system of treatment and care that reaches all British Columbians.


Advancing, Seeking and Sharing of Knowledge

The Centre will support primary and secondary prevention, health promotion, clinical care, education, training and research initiatives that contribute to the knowledge and understanding of substance use and addiction, and will seek every opportunity to share this knowledge widely.


Substance use presents a range of complex issues that require a range of stakeholders who engage effectively with communities. The BCCSU places great value on active collaboration with a range of stakeholders, including health care professionals and other care providers, policy makers, people who use substances, family advocacy and support groups and service providers in primary, acute care settings and recovery-oriented system of care. The Centre regularly seeks the advice and active participation of knowledge holders in designing, implementing and disseminating its core functions.


The Centre will support and empower individuals, families and communities to live better lives with dignity and to support and enable positive change.

Evidence, Excellence, and Quality

The BCCSU, through its affiliates, care providers, researchers, educators, leadership and staff; will strive for excellence and quality through innovation, adherence to the highest scientific and ethical standards to promote evidence-based practices.


The Centre will play an advocacy role for positive and evidence-based public policy change, reducing stigma and supporting patients and their families.

Mutual Respect and Equity

The Centre will value and respect all members of its communities, each of whom individually and collaboratively makes a contribution to transforming care, education, training and research in this area.

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