Call for Applicants

BCCSU is currently accepting applicants to the Clinical Experts Committee.

The BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) was established in 2017 to address the knowledge and system gaps in substance use care. The BCCSU aims to be highly collaborative, with an emphasis on conducting research to generate evidence-informed strategies and translating clinical guidance and training to ensure evidence is implemented into clinical practice throughout the health system and province. Our provincial partnerships are critical in informing the development, sustainment, and evolution of our education and clinical guidance.

The purpose of the BCCSU Clinical Experts Committee is to provide a clinician-specific space for members with expertise in substance use care:

    • Convening to discuss complex clinical topics to inform BCCSU related work
    • Consulting on new clinical/educational initiatives
    • Informing engagement strategies on education initiatives

Currently, the BCCSU is looking for clinical experts to fill the following open committee positions:

    • Nurse practitioner leads (2 committee seats available)
    • RN/RPN leads (2 committee seats available)
    • Clinical nurse specialists/Educator in substance use leads (2 committee seats available)
    • Social work leads (2 committee seats available)
    • Pharmacy leads (2 committee seats available)

With the nature of our work, the respective sharing of differing opinions is welcomed and understood. As such, for all communications related to this committee, we ask that the discussions be guided by the following core values:

    1. MUTUAL RESPECT AND EQUITY: We value and respect all members of our communities, each of whom individually and collaboratively make a contribution to transforming care, education, training, and research in this area.
    2. COLLABORATION: Substance use presents a range of complex issues that require diverse stakeholders participation and collaboration. We seek to involve, consult and create space for diverse opinions and participation in these spaces while also respecting the unique expertise and experience of each participant.
    3. TRUST AND CONFIDENTIALITY: We value and respect our committee members and understand the importance of building trust in developing and maintaining relationships in this work. We aim to be transparent where possible and create opportunities to foster trust and relationships.

Thank-you to all who expressed interest in joining the Clinical Experts Committee. Applications for the Clinical Experts Committee have closed, and applications are currently under review. We will be in contact with individuals who submitted applications in March 2023.

For more information about the Clinical Experts Committee, please contact the committee co-chairs, Christina Chant ([email protected]) and Dr. Paxton Bach ([email protected]).

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