A Toolkit For Community Advocates

Too many families and communities have been personally and tragically affected by the opioid overdose crisis in British Columbia and in Canada. In response to the challenges faced by families affected by substance use, the BC Centre on Substance Use, BC Bereavement Helpline, Moms Stop the Harm, and Parents Forever co-hosted Stronger Togethera series of dialogue and learning sessions for families and allies impacted by substance use. During Stronger Together, we visited communities across BC to learn from family members and loved ones how addiction and substance use had impacted their communities and families.

We learned that family member, caregiver, and allies have unique and undervalued insights on how we can improve the substance use system of care.

We also learned that these family members, caregivers, and allies deserve – but often aren’t receiving –support for the trauma, grief, and stress they experience as a result of substance use in their family or community.

After the Stronger Together sessions ended, we wanted to capture the spirit of what we heard in the sessions. We interviewed key leaders, partners, and participants of Stronger Together to hear their thoughts and reflections on family engagement in the substance use system of care, and created videos from these interviews.

We hope you can use these videos to show the power of family engagement and importance of support for families, and to start important discussions on how to make this happen. If you are a community member or advocate, we’ve included some suggestions on how to share these videos.

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