Doctor discusses drug use study conducted in qathet region
January 10, 2023 | Powell River Peak

A study of people who use drugs conducted in the qathet region found a variety of negative consequences, likening the situation for drug users as living in a goldfish bowl. Dr. Geoff Bardwell, the study’s lead, who is affiliated with BC Centre on Substance Use, and is also an assistant professor i...

Changing nature of Canada’s overdose crisis calls for more aggressive response, experts say
January 03, 2023 | CBC News

An evolving mix of opioid cocktails and changing consumption habits mean governments must now respond more aggressively to the overdose crisis, experts say. More than 32,000 Canadians have died of toxic drug overdoses since 2016, according to data released by Health Canada last month. Over 3,500 pe...

Decriminalizing drugs may not help rural B.C. users: study
December 27, 2022 | Vancouver Sun

Decriminalizing personal possession of small amounts of certain illegal drugs in B.C. likely won’t help people who live in rural and remote communities, according to a new study conducted for the B.C. Centre for Substance Use. Starting Jan. 31, adults in B.C. will no longer be subject to crimi...

Code Grey: Realities of substance use, opioid epidemic
December 22, 2022 |

With B.C.’s opioid crisis set to enter its seventh year in 2023, there doesn’t seem to be a corner of the province that has gone unaffected by the epidemic. Nor does it discriminate on who its victims are. Unfortunately, many who may struggle with problematic substance use often do so alone due ...

Critics say modular homes for B.C.’s unhoused can be a problem
December 15, 2022 | Vancouver Sun

A day after Premier David Eby announced construction of 90 modular units to help address the housing crisis in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, critics said they worry such projects have become the de facto housing solution, as permanent developments await funding. Municipal politicians in Nanaimo a...
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