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Reticence about marijuana risks lives: Researchers
October 09, 2015 | RCI

Canadian doctors should prescribe medical marijuana instead of opioids which may lead to addiction and overdose deaths, say experts from the British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. ‘Unnecessarily strict standards’ Centre researchers accuse the Canadian government and doctors ...

Researchers urge medical marijuana over opioids to treat neuropathic pain
October 09, 2015 | The Globe and Mail

Canadian doctors should use medical marijuana instead of frequently abused opioids to treat patients with neuropathic pain and a host of other conditions cannabis has been proven to combat, Vancouver-based HIV/AIDS researchers argue in a newly published editorial. Thomas Kerr, Julio Montaner and Ste...

Research supports medical marijuana as pain medication: HIV/AIDS doctors
October 09, 2015 | The Vancouver Sun

A commentary by HIV/AIDS experts in Vancouver says the Canadian Medical Association is shortchanging patients in pain by not endorsing marijuana as a viable treatment. There’s enough evidence to consider medical marijuana for pain, although the national organization representing doctors says t...

Medical marijuana policies under fire by top BC doctors
October 09, 2015 | CBC News

Rigid rules around medical marijuana leading to more prescription opioid use and abuse Medical marijuana could cut down on the use of addictive painkillers according to a new paper in the Canadian Journal of Public Health, but some of Vancouver’s best known researchers say reluctant doctors an...

Local doctors push for different approach to medical marijuana
October 09, 2015 | News 1130

VANCOUVER – Two local leaders in HIV/AIDS research are breaking ranks from their medical association, calling for it to change its approach to medical marijuana. The rules don’t rely on the most up-to-date science, according to Doctors Thomas Kerr and Julio Montaner with the BC Centre fo...
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