Cannabis could be a useful form of harm reduction for addicted youth, B.C. study reveals
August 20, 2020 | Victoria News

Cannabis could be a useful harm reduction strategy for young people struggling with addiction, according to new research out of B.C. Two newly published studies from researchers with the BC Centre on Substance Use and the University of British Columbia examined cannabis use behaviours among young pe...

Canada’s other health crisis: As overdoses surge, officials call on government to decriminalize illicit drugs
August 16, 2020 | Washington Post

TORONTO — The novel coronavirus was on the march across Canada, but it was a different public health crisis that turned Shannon Krell’s world upside down. Her brother hadn’t shown up for work, which was unusual. She called the police to have someone check on the 46-year-old, but a friend a...

Why BC’s Illicit Drugs Are Increasingly Deadly
August 14, 2020 | The Tyee

British Columbia’s illicit drug supply has become increasingly dangerous during the COVID-19 pandemic as borders are closed and more drugs are manufactured or altered domestically. Dr. Mark Lysyshyn, deputy chief medical health officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, identified three main sources of...

Why the Drug User Liberation Front Gave Out Free, Checked Drugs in Vancouver
August 11, 2020 | Filter

The Drug User Liberation Front, a Vancouver-based activist group, made a serious statement on June 23. During a protest in the city’s Downtown Eastside, they gave out free, checked and illegal drugs to their community. They did this in response to British Columbia’s monthly overdose death numbe...

A Domestic Safe Supply of Injectable Heroin Would Save Lives
August 10, 2020 | The Tyee

For so many in British Columbia living at risk of overdose, as well as across Canada, the recent announcement of a new pharma company focused on creating a safe supply of pharmaceutical heroin is a lifeline. B.C. yet again recorded the worst month in its history for overdose deaths, with 175 dead...

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