Strategies to Strengthen Recovery in British Columbia: The Path Forward

Developed by the BC Centre on Substance Use in consultation with people in recovery and with expertise in providing recovery care, this report sets priorities for expanding and improving addiction recovery services in British Columbia -- a long-standing need in the province.

Close to Home: Families & Caregivers set priorities for addressing substance use addiction in BC

BCCSU's network of families and caregivers releases report setting provincial priorities to develop a substance use system of care, further engage family members and caregivers in treatment and care of loved ones, and address the stigma that contributes to the harms associated with substance use.

CRISM National Guideline for the Clinical Management of Opioid Use Disorder

CRISM developed the first Canadian guideline for managing opioid use disorders. The guideline lays out the optimal strategies for the treatment of opioid addiction and recommends opioid agonist treatment with buprenorphine-naloxone as the preferred first-line treatment.

Drug Checking as a Harm Reduction Intervention

Drug checking refers to a service where individuals are able to anonymously submit samples of street drugs to have them analyzed to determine their chemical constituents. This report of drug checking as a harm reduction intervention includes an evidence review of the different kinds of technologies that can be used for drug checking.

Supervised Consumption Services Operational Guidance

The first-ever provincial guidelines for operating supervised consumption services (SCS) to provide guidance to health authorities establishing new services. The guidelines were developed following a review of the available scientific evidence, policies, and procedures in place in B.C., and assembled experts in the area, including operators of the first two SCS facilities in Vancouver – Insite and the Dr. Peter Centre, which has been operating an integrated SCS since 2002.

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