The BCCSU's What's New is a lunch-time lecture series featuring local and international experts, clinicians, and researchers who will deliver the latest research and information on novel, evidence-based addiction medicine topics.

This free series is geared towards the needs and interests of individuals operating in a healthcare or research setting, however, the public and other interested stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to attend. Please visit our Events page for upcoming lectures.

An archive of our past What's New lectures is available below for streaming online. Follow the link and sign-in to GoTo meeting (no prior login details are required) to view any of these lectures.

Rebuilding Recovery Capital
Presenter: Jack Makolewski (SW)

Revisiting Suboxone: Alternative Induction Techniques
Presenter: Dr. Suhkpreet Klaire

An update on "Designer Drugs": Synthetic Opiods, Cannabinoids and Cathinones
Presenter: Dr. Kate Colizza

The link Between Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Substance use Disorders: Considerations to improve health and social delivery to people with substance use disorders and their families
Presenter: Jen Funo (RN)

Adolescent Use of E-cigarettes: Emerging Trends
Presenter: Dr. Basia Hamata

Game Over! A Review of Gaming Disorder: A 'new' behavioral addiction
Presenter: Kevin Lorenz (RPN)

Women & Substance Use: Gender Matters
Presenter: Kaye Robinson (SW)

Harm Reduction: Doing What Works
Presenter: Susan Wright (RN)

Drugs & The Mother Baby Dyad: Breastfeed, Substance Use and Treatment
Presenter: Dr. Rebecca Coish

Sugar, The Not So Sweet Addiction
Presenter: Claire Wilson (NP)

Neurostimulation in the Treatment of Addictions
Presenter: Dr. Marlon Danilewitz

Intellectual Disabilities and Substance Use
Presenter: Nathanial Uhlman (SW)

An Ethical Discussion of Life-Sustaining Treatment in Patients Who Inject Drugs
Presenter: Dr. Jessica Hann

The emergency department: low barrier access to care for patients who use drugs
Presenter: Dr. Anne Sutherland

Revisiting Mindfulness Interventions in Recovery
Presenter: Demian Young (SW)

Long-Acting Medications for Substance Use Disorders
Presenter: Dr. Danny Lee

Adolescent Substance Use: Should we Consider an Ecological Perspective on Treatment?
Presenter: Melissa White (SW)

Toxic Brain Injury: A hidden epidemic within the opioid crisis
Presenter: Dr. Elizabeth Plant (VIHA)

Putting Canada on the MAP: an overview of managed alcohol programs in the treatment of alcohol use disorder
Presenter: Dr. Catherine Gray

National Guidelines for Older Adults and the Pharmacist’s Role in Substance Use Disorder
Presenter: George Budd (Pharmacy)

The Relief That Binds You: Pain Induced By Opioid Use And Withdrawal
Presenter: Dr. Launette Rieb

Alcohol Withdrawal Management and Relapse Prevention in Pregnancy
Presenter: Dr. Patrick Mcdonald

'Don't Eat the Brown Acid': Reducing Harms of Recreational Substance Use at Mass Gathering Events
Presenter: Justina Doerksen (NP)

Substance Use and Sex: Relations in Need of Discussion
Presenter: Eric Eligh (RN)

The Intersection of Addiction and Narcissism: Implication for clinical practice
Presenter: Erika Mclaren (SW)

Gambling Disorder: Beating the Odds
Presenter: Dr. Jitender Gill

Rooming-in: Keeping substance using mothers and their babies together
Presenter: Patti Johnson (RN)

Vaping Associated Lung Injury: What we know so far
Presenter: Dr. Misha Bawa

Well, let’s talk: Substance Use and Depression in Health Professionals
Presenter: Maggie Tong (RN)

Unlocking The Realities Of Substance Use During Incarceration
Presenter: Dr. Allison Marmel

Digital Detox: Review of Internet Gaming Disorder
Presenter: Dr. Lingsa Jia

“Dying to Escape”: Integrated Care for Eating Disorders & Substance Use
Presenter: Elspeth Humphreys (SW)

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