The Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Matters (CRISM) is a national network of over 500 researchers, service providers, policy makers and people with lived experience. Launched in 2013 by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Institute of Neurosciences, Mental Health, and Addiction, CRISM’s overall objective is to translate evidence-based interventions for substance misuse into clinical practice, community-based prevention, and health system changes. Our intent is to support the creation of more effective, personal, and adoptable intervention programs and services. For more information please see the national CRISM website or follow us on Twitter @CRISMCan.

The objectives of CRISM are:

  1. Identify and/or develop the most appropriate clinical and community-based prevention or treatment interventions for substance misuse/addiction,
  2. Provide evidence to support the enhancement of prevention and treatment services regarding substance misuse/addiction to decision makers and service providers, and
  3. Support improvement in the quality of care and quality of life for Canadians living with substance misuse/addiction.

CRISM consists of five large interdisciplinary regional teams, with networked hubs based out of Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and Halifax, referred to individually as Nodes and collectively as the CRISM Network.


The CRISM BC Node is a network of over 100 individuals representing patient, family, and recovery advocacy groups as well as policy makers, health care and service providers, and research scientists affiliated with the BC Centre on Substance Use, the University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University among others.

The BC Node seeks to collaborate with provincial health authorities, the Provincial Health Services Authority, the First Nations Health Authority, and the BC Ministry of Health in translating scientific evidence to inform provincial health policy. To ensure that research priorities align with lived experience of those affected by substance use disorders, we have well-established partnerships with community and advocacy groups, including the BC Association of People on Methadone (BCAPOM), the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU), the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society (WAHRS), From Grief to Action (FGTA), and Moms United and Mandated to Save the Lives of Drug Users (mumsDU). Our efforts to establish and promote linkage to treatment providers, health system administrators, and government policy makers, as well as our training infrastructure and our national and international collaborations ideally position us to undertake collaborative research and implementation of evidence-based therapeutic approaches as part of CRISM.

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