Incentivizing treatment for addiction could be more effective than mandating
January 18, 2023 | Globe and Mail

British Columbia recently suggested new policy for involuntary mental-health treatment. It is a large pivot on its previous stance but it does not end there. In Premier David Eby’s examination of the Mental Health Act for involuntary treatment, he is considering expanding to mandate treatment fo...

B.C.’s drug decriminalization pilot excludes young users — and that will marginalize them, experts fear
January 14, 2023 | CBC News

Experts say an upcoming pilot to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit drugs in British Columbia could increase risks for vulnerable youth because it excludes people under 18. As of Jan. 31, people aged 18 and older will be able to possess up to a cumulative 2.5 grams of opioids, ...

Animal tranquillizer xylazine is now in Canada’s street drug supply. Here’s what to know
January 13, 2023 | Global News

A powerful animal tranquillizer that has been infiltrating street drugs in the United States has been increasingly showing up in Canada’s illicit opioid supply — a phenomenon that has experts “deeply concerned.” Xylazine, a sedative and analgesic normally used in veterinary medicine to sed...

DTES advocates say police near overdose prevention sites deter people from accessing care
January 12, 2023 | CTV News Vancouver

Advocates for people who use drugs say the police presence near overdose prevention sites on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is deterring people from accessing life-saving care due to the lack of trust between law enforcement and the community. BeeLee Lee, the vice president of the Coalition of ...

Environment in modular, supportive housing brings instability and uncertainty, says researcher
January 11, 2023 | Maple Ridge News

Questions are being raised about how effective temporary modular housing and supportive housing has been in helping people living on the streets. There are two supportive housing complexes in Maple Ridge, and a temporary modular housing facility on Royal Crescent that is slated to be replaced by a m...
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