Illicit-drug fatalities on the decline in B.C., but overdoses in general are not
December 05, 2019 | Globe and Mail

British Columbia’s annual death toll from overdoses is poised to decline for the first time since the province’s public-health emergency began – but non-fatal overdoses show no signs of abating and health officials say the crisis is far from over. At least 69 people died from illicit-drug over...

World AIDS Day: PrEP is making a difference in the lives of GBT2Q men in B.C., but are we leaving other groups behind?
November 29, 2019 | Georgia Straight

As another World AIDS Day approaches (December 1), we in British Columbia have lots of successes upon which to reflect. This year, Vancouver has seen some of the lowest numbers of new HIV cases—due, in part, to the uptake of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) by thousands of people across the provinc...

Daphne Bramham: Time for a serious debate about how to deal with the opioid crisis
November 29, 2019 | Vancouver Sun

Now that the federal election is over, it’s time for a serious discussion about how to deal with Canada’s opioid overdose crisis. This is a wicked problem — complex and multi-layered with no simple solutions. But debates about how to address it are muddied with emotive words and euphemism. It...

Daily cannabis use lowers odds of using illicit opioids among people who have chronic pain
November 19, 2019 | UBC News

For those using illicit opioids to manage their chronic pain, cannabis may be a beneficial – and a less dangerous – alternative, according to new research from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU). Researchers from the BCCSU and University of British Columbia (UBC) interviewed more than 1,100 ...

Vancouver pilots new fentanyl-patch program to combat opioid crisis
November 12, 2019 | Globe and Mail

A Vancouver physician is prescribing fentanyl to patients with opioid-use disorder in the latest effort by the medical community to curb overdose deaths caused by a toxic supply of illicit drugs. The pilot project began in July with eight patients who sought treatment for illicit-drug use but have n...

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