The Rural Education Action Plan (REAP), the BC Centre on Substance Use, and Providence Health Care are partnering to offer training in addictions medicine for BC practitioners interested in delivering clinical, inpatient, and outpatient care. This elective is based at St. Paul’s Hospital within the Addiction Medicine Consult Team (AMCT) and consists of three academic teams, each staffed by one Addiction Physician. Consultations are requested from all areas of the hospital including the emergency department, as well as medical, surgical, and psychiatric wards, and most patients present to the hospital with medical consequences of substance use. More specifically, physicians will develop comprehensive experience in recognizing and managing substance-related toxidromes and engage in the medical stabilization of individuals presenting with intoxication, overdose, or withdrawal (including the initiation and/or continuation of opioid agonist therapy such as methadone or buprenorphine/naloxone and managing complicated alcohol withdrawal).

Furthermore, using evidence-based practices learners will develop skills in the management of chronic addiction, liaise with community addiction treatment providers and, depending on availability, may also gain experience in the provision of outpatient addiction care through the Rapid Access Addiction Clinic. The AMCT is a part of the Urban Health Program at St. Paul’s Hospital and is closely linked to the BCCSU Addiction Medicine Fellowship and the Canada Addiction Medicine Research Fellowship.

For more information, please visit the Rural Education Action Plan website here or contact the Addiction Medicine Consult Team Coordinator.

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