AMS plans to distribute 250-500 fentanyl testing strips to students

published on September 17, 2021 by Aafreen Siddiqui in The Ubyssey

The AMS plans to distribute strips to help students test their drugs for fentanyl as the overdose crisis in BC continues and the street drug supplies become increasingly potent and unpredictable.

Fentanyl, a powerful opioid, has contributed to at least 85 per cent of the more than 2,700 overdose deaths in BC since January 2020. It can be present in a number of common party drugs and powder substances like cocaine, MDMA or “Molly” and ketamine.

AMS VP Academic and University Affairs Eshana Bhangu and President Cole Evans made the announcement in August, adding that they will distribute around 200 to 500 strips on campus this fall.

In a statement sent to The Ubyssey, Evans said that the AMS has been unable to distribute the testing strips due to supply issues…

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