British Columbians “continuing to suffer” as 2022 has the deadliest year to date for illicit drug deaths

published on November 7, 2022 by V. S. Wells in Georgia Straight

In September, 171 people died of poisoned drugs in B.C., according to a coroner’s report released on Monday.

The monthly BC Coroners Service report estimates that 5.7 people died from toxic drugs every day in September. It also noted the proportion of deaths for people aged 19-39 and those over 60 were both increasing.

“Not all public health emergencies are treated the same,” harm reduction advocate Guy Felicella said in a tweet. “It’s just heartbreaking again and again.”

So far this year, 401 people have died from poisoned drugs in Vancouver, including 50 fatalities in September. Illicit drug death rates in the city are 73.2 people per 100,000, far higher than the provincial average of 41.6…

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