Can a pill cure alcoholism? Film looks at how prescription drugs can fight addiction

published on January 20, 2016 by Anna Maria Tremonti in CBC News

Between one and 10 per centof Canadians receive evidence-based treatment.

Mike Pond,Vancouver psychotherapist and an alcoholic, and his partner, Maureen Palmer, set out to make a film exploring the latest science on addiction treatment.

Research shows that addiction is approximately 60 per cent inherited and 40 per centenvironment.

Their documentaryWastedby Bountiful Films, airsJan. 21on The Nature of Things on CBC-TV

People with a substance abuse problem are three times more likely to have a mental illness.

In this segment The Currentspoke to:

  • Mike Pond,psychotherapist in private practice.
  • Maureen Palmer,filmmaker and journalist.
  • Dr. Evan Wood, professor of medicine and Canada research chair at UBC.He’s also an addiction physician and medical director for Addiction Services for Vancouver Coastal Health.
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