Canadian groups lobby for ‘safe supply’ to combat opioid crisis

published on November 9, 2021 in Drug & Alcohol Testing Association of Canada

In recent years, many Canadian groups and organizations have been calling for a safer supply of illicit drugs to prevent opioid-related deaths. In a recent article published by Time magazine, the article’s author Paul Moakley interviewed some members of the ‘safe supply’ movement.

According to recent data, deaths linked to opioid overdose increased by nearly 30% in 2020 to a record 93,000. Moreover, in Canada, opioid-related deaths have spiked by 89% over the last year.

Over the last decade, the opioid epidemic has evolved, becoming more deadly and driven by both illegal and prescription opioids, while its origins can be traced back to over-prescribing of opioid drugs by healthcare professionals to treat pain.

Proponents of the ‘safe supply’ movement advocate for the availability of a legal, federally regulated supply of illicit drugs including heroin to reduce the risk of overdose and exposure to dangerous adulterants, so that people can consume them more safely…

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