Canadian prisoners with opiate addiction are allowed to have methadone treatment

published on April 19, 2016 in Lawyer Herald

Prisoners in British Columbia now have access to the same opiate addiction treatment as people outside the prison have. Correction Department implemented policy to let them have a Methadone treatment to cure addiction.

Previously, asGlobal News Canada reported, four inmates who claimed they were allegedly denied of opiate replacement therapy launched a charter challenge last month. The launched charter challenge will allow them access to opiate addiction treatment, arguing they deserve the same health care they could access in the community.

Following the challenge, British Columbia Correction Department implemented the new policy. The policy allowed prisoners access to the same medical treatment as people outside the corrections system, including methadone treatment. Those four men are now under the care of doctors to cure their opiate addiction.

“Our clients are relieved that they are getting treatment. This policy change is timely given this week’s announcement of a public health emergency in BC,” lawyer for the inmates, Adrienne Smith, told VICE.

He also added, “The fentanyl epidemic doesn’t stop at the prison gate. This is a step in the right direction to keep people well, particularly when they’re at a good place being able to ask for medical support.”

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