Cannabis Offers a Path away from Opioids, BC Studies Find

published on August 27, 2020 by Moira Wyton in The Tyee

Four years ago, Scarlett Nelson was sent into a panic when she learned she was pregnant. But the unexpected news gave her the motivation to stop injecting meth and heroin before her baby was born.

So Nelson turned to the support that helped her stay in recovery for more than a year before she started using again — cannabis.

“I was at my rock bottom. My getting pregnant was kind of a god-save,” said Nelson, her now-four-year-old daughter shouting gleefully in the background. “And cannabis helped make that possible.”

It took the edge off her withdrawal symptoms, helped her focus through her ADHD and sleep at night as she dealt with the stress of her pregnancy and leaving an abusive relationship.

Nelson’s experience is not an outlier. Two new studies — one of which Nelson co-authored — suggest cannabis can be both a substitute for substances more likely to be toxic and an aid for people in recovery, just like it was for Nelson…

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