Canopy Growth Funds Professorship Of Cannabis Science At University

published on June 7, 2018 by Adam Drury in Green Rush Daily

Canopy Growth’s C$2.5 million donation will support cannabis research by establishing the Canopy Growth Cannabis Science Endowment Fund at the University of British Columbia.

Canadian cannabis colossus Canopy Growth will contribute C$2.5 million to study how cannabis can help in the fight against the opioid epidemic. Specifically, the funds will go toward establishing a Professorship of Cannabis Science at the University of British Columbia, the company announced in a press release Wednesday. Canopy Growth hopes their philanthropy will establish an “enduring legacy of research.”

UBC’s New Professorship of Cannabis Science Will Research How Cannabis Can Address The Opioid Crisis

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s analysis of U.S. drug overdose data, drug overdoses killed 63,632 Americans in 2016. 66 percent or two-thirds of those deaths involved opioids.

Like the United States, Canada is experiencing its own deadly opioid epidemic, but the province most impacted by the crisis is also home to the University of British Columbia.

Recently, for example, two major studies confirmed that cannabis can be an effective tool in combatting the opioid crisis. Legal medical cannabis not only reduces the number of opioid prescriptions doctors prescribe, it can also treat opioid addiction by ameliorating withdrawal symptoms.

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