Critics say baby steps to decriminalize possession of illicit drugs in B.C. are not enough

published on May 31, 2022 by Katie DeRosa in Vancouver Sun

Health Canada’s decision to decriminalize possession of small amounts of illicit drugs in B.C. was hailed by some as an important step, but critics said the 2.5 gram limit is a “ridiculously low threshold” that could cause people to buy more potent drugs.

B.C. will become the first jurisdiction in Canada where people 18 years old and older found with a total 2.5 grams or less of opioids, cocaine and amphetamines will not be subject to criminal charges or mandatory treatment, and their drugs will not be seized.

However, police can lay charges if there’s proof the person with the drugs is trafficking them. Producing, importing or exporting drugs in any amount is still illegal. And the exemption does not cover psychedelic drugs…

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