Father wants the right to force teenage daughter into drug rehab

published on May 7, 2017 by Amy Smart in Times Colonist

A father wants to do what he feels is best for his teenage daughter

A Victoria father is pleading for the power to check his 15-year-old daughter, who he says is addicted to heroin, into rehab.

British Columbia does not allow parents to force their children into treatment facilities or secure care against their will.

The father says it breaks his heart to watch his daughter make life-threatening decisions. As a parent, he says, this is one he should be able to make for her.

“She’s a child. Her brain is not completely developed. She’s already suffering emotional issues and now the drugs are doing the talking for her. She’s not thinking rationally,” said the father, whose name can not be used to protect his daughter’s privacy.

“I don’t think she will go to rehab voluntarily until she hits rock bottom. But I don’t think there is another rock bottom. I think the only thing that could happen is for her to die.”

The father believes his daughter began using hard drugs last summer. About three months ago, she had a medical emergency and was taken to hospital.

That’s when the family learned she had crystal meth in her system. She also told one family member she had used fentanyl and regularly uses heroin.

She has since gone to hospital at least once more for overdose treatment.

The father said he has had multiple frank and tearful conversations with his daughter. The family has tried everything from working with her therapist to hiring an interventionist, but is feeling devastated, exhausted and powerless, he said.

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