Fentanyl-laced cocaine appears in B.C. amid calls for safe supply

published on April 21, 2022 in DATAC

In recent weeks, Substance UVic, a drug testing lab based in Victoria, B.C. has issued a public warning on social media after dangerous and potentially fatal levels of fentanyl were detected in multiple samples of cocaine. The lab is a part of a research project carried out by University of Victoria and funded in part by Health Canada, providing free and confidential testing of illicit drugs for dangerous components.

In his interview with CTV News, service coordinator Piotr Burek said that the lab issued the warning after finding multiple positive samples in one week because it is typically very rare to find fentanyl in cocaine samples on Vancouver Island.

“We believe it’s a case of cross contamination. It could still cause harm to someone who doesn’t know it’s in their cocaine,” he said.

According to Substance UVic, cocaine containing fentanyl has been responsible for large numbers of deaths during B.C.’s growing opioid crisis…

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