Important Tenets of Ayahuasca with Dr. Kenneth Tupper

published on August 24, 2017 by Daniel Cleland in Daniel Cleland

We present this fourth instalment of our Psychedelic Science series, featuring some of the leading minds in the realm of plant medicines and psychedelic science.  This interview, as were the others, was recorded at the Psychedelic Science Conference in April 2017, hosted by MAPS (Multi-disciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies), and will also be featured in our soon to be released documentary, The Plant Teacher .

Dr. Kenneth Tupper is an accomplished academic who did his PhD under Dr. Dennis McKenna. In this episode, filmmaker Andrea Gilbert interviews Ken about his views on the Ayahuasca practice, how it interacts with culture and some of the concerns that the academic community holds as a result of the rapid globalization of this traditional Amazonian sacrament.

Kenneth’s commentary is insightful and educational. If you or anyone you know is interested in exploring or learning about Ayahuasca, in particular, this episode will be of important value to you.

Listen, learn and enjoy!

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