Meth: Why Kamloops addiction specialists are worried about this ‘side’ drug

published on August 5, 2019 by Eric Thompson in Kamloops Matters

Opiates have been front and centre in British Columbia for the past few years — with good reason — but they’re hardly the only illicit substance causing havoc on Kamloops streets.

“Part of the outcome of the opioid crisis is the legitimate response, I mean all hands are on deck with the level of deaths because of the toxic opiate supply,” says Bob Hughes, executive director of ASK Wellness. “What has taken a backseat is: how do we respond to crystal meth and methamphetamine abuse in our city and our province?”

Hughes says methamphetamine abuse has remained consistent for several years and that every day, ASK Wellness staff are working with people who use the drug. They’re having trouble keeping bubble pipes in stock since smoking is the preferred method to consume this easily accessible drug…

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