Neil Magnuson Arrested

published on May 18, 2022 by Caleb McMillan in Cannabis Life Network

Police arrested Neil Magnuson in Downtown Eastside Vancouver last Tuesday. The long-time cannabis activist sold high-potency edibles out of his RV for low-income, opioid-addicted residents.

The Vancouver Police raided his supply and confiscated his RV.

Magnuson told CityNews, “I shudder to think of what would happen to many of our members. They’re going to go back to the poison drug supply. Many of them will die.”

Not the First Time Police Have Arrested Neil Magnuson 

Not the first time police have arrested Neil Magnuson and his crew. The Cannabis Substitution Project, which provides opioid addicts with safe, high-potency, and inexpensive edibles, was raided in late 2020.

Raiding cannabis suppliers hasn’t been a top priority for Vancouver police for over a decade. But, as part of Trudeau’s legalizationpolice have more significant resources to crack down on anything that isn’t part of the LP system…

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