Ontario to sell recreational pot in stores, could BC do the same?

published on September 8, 2017 by Lasia Kretzel in News1130

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – With Ontario planning to sell recreational marijuana in government-controlled stores starting next summer, people in BC may be wondering whether the BC NDP will follow suit.

The 150 shops will operate separately from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s current stores and will coincide with the federal government’s plans to introduced legislation in April next year with a goal of legalizing and regulating the use of recreational pot by next July 1.

Doctor M.J. Milloy with the BC Centre on Substance Use says how BC will approach marijuana sales has yet to be seen, but the province already has a history of private medical dispensaries.

“I think that some sort of government system will be established. Whether it will be a monopoly or whether it will coexist with private firms is yet to be seen,” he says, adding he hopes the province learns from the successes of private dispensaries. “They have been established under a great deal of pressure and I don’t think we’ve seen any sort of real negative impacts on our communities, and in fact what we have seen is places that people can go which do not directly enrich organized crime.”

Milloy applauds Ontario’s decision to separate the sale of alcohol and marijuana, saying it will limit sales to you and prevent issues related to both drug and alcohol use.

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