Outdated’ restrictions on Suboxone making BC’s overdose crisis worse: Report

published on June 2, 2016 by Natalie Clancy in CBC News

A new report blamesBC’s College of Physicians and Surgeonsfor not lifting “barriers” to Suboxone, a prescription drugthatcould dramatically reduce overdose deathsamida public health emergency.

“In the context of a dramatically escalating overdose epidemic, we’d like to see quicker movement,” said Dr. Thomas Kerr, who co-authored a report for the Canadian Research Initiative on Substance Misuse.

It urgesthe college to remove”outdated”restrictions on a pill considered sixtimes safer than methadone.

Suboxone stops cravings for opioids, prevents withdrawal symptoms and includesnaloxone, which counters the effect of narcotics during an overdose.

Suboxone’s deregulationin France in 1995 is credited with an 80 percent reduction infatal opioid overdoses, which is why the report’s authorswant it made widely available in BC immediately.

Deaths could be reduced

“We have seen, in France, very large reductions in overdose deaths following the widespread rollout of Suboxone” said Kerr.

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