Record B.C. overdose deaths mean it’s time to listen

published on July 17, 2020 by Guy Felicella in Georgia Straight

When I learned that this month’s report from the Coroners Service was going to be another record, I was numb. I still am—175 lives lost in June in B.C..

Some of those I knew or had families I know. They are devastated by this ongoing and senseless loss. I’m so saddened for them and ask you all to take a moment to think about those individuals and the communities they’ve left behind.

We have two public health emergencies, and we’ve met the challenge of one. Yet the other continues, getting worse.

We all know now how deeply and profoundly COVID-19 has hit people who use drugs. It has disrupted the drug supply and made it more dangerous and toxic than ever. It has impacted people’s ability to access harm-reduction services. And it’s caused many to relapse from their recovery…

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