Regulate supply or deaths will continue, hundreds cry in Vancouver’s annual march to end the overdose crisis

published on April 16, 2019 by Travis Lupick in Georgia Straight

Hundreds of people marched through downtown Vancouver today (April 16). Five years into an overdose crisis that’s killed thousands in B.C., protesters called for Canada to regulate drugs. They want the federal government to take the country’s illicit-narcotics supply away from organized crime and offer pharmaceutical alternatives to unknown substances purchased on the street.

“There are thousands dying in this country because of unsafe drugs,” said Louise Cameron of Moms Stop the Harm, a group of parents who have lost children to the overdose epidemic. “Until we have a modality of care in place where there is access to treatment for people who want it, and no barriers to that, we need to keep people alive. To keep people alive, we need a safe drug supply. No one can recover from death.”…

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