Researchers recommend supervised injection site in Old East Village or downtown London

published on February 8, 2017 by Liny Lamberink in Global News

Researchers behind a feasibility report about a supervised injection site (SIS) in London are recommending a facility in Old East Village or downtown, to curb unsafe drug use in the city.

The year-long study surveyed 199 people who inject drugs (PWID) and found 86 per cent would use an SIS, primarily because it offers sterile equipment.

“It’s very normal to see that some people are kind of alarmed by the idea of creating a site like this,” lead researcher Dr. Thomas Kerr said. “It’s natural. A lot of other problems “” social problems “” come with drug use in municipalities.

“But look, we’ve got to remember there are over 90 of these facilities. They are in very diverse settings, and they’ve been in operation for literally decades. They’re not closing. More are opening. And why is that? That’s because it turns out, they don’t create all those problems people are concerned about.”

A summary of findings to date shows that supervised injection sites around the world reduce public disorder, reduce syringe sharing, increase safe injection behaviour, increase use of detox programs, reduce acts of violence against women and avert overdose deaths.

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