Rod Knight: Much work remains in fight against social and health inequities of LGBTQ2S people, especially youth

published on July 25, 2019 by Rod Knight in Georgia Straight

With another Pride upon us, we have many reasons to celebrate: over the decades, we have decriminalized homosexuality, amended the Canadian Human Rights Act to include sexual orientation, and seen same-sex marriage officially recognized by the state.

Advances in human rights for LGBTQ2S people in Canada have been profound. And yet, for many, these advances have not led to improved health and social well-being.

Despite this history of progress, we continue to see serious social and health inequities among LGBTQ2S people. From chronic diseases to addictions to sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections to depression and suicide, LGBTQ2S people consistently experience worse outcomes when compared to heterosexual and cisgender people…

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