Sanders and Warren Back Legalization of Injection Sites for Drug Users

published on August 29, 2019 by Mike Ludwig in Truthout

Ryan Hampton has a message for politicians and the rest of us: He would have entered recovery much earlier if there were a safe consumption site in Los Angeles, where he struggled with heroin addiction for years.

Safe consumption sites, also known as overdose prevention sites, safe injection sites and supervised consumption services, are clinical but community-oriented spaces where people are provided clean supplies to use drugs, typically by injection, under the supervision of medical staff who are trained to provide first aid and reverse a potential overdose. Safe consumption sites also connect drug users to health care that offers a path toward addiction recovery if they wish. Hampton says that if he’d had access to clean syringes, first-aid supplies and medical help, he could have avoided long-lasting health problems. Some of his close friends would still be alive…

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