Shambhala Music Festival Invests In Advanced Drug-Testing Technology

published on August 6, 2018 in The Nelson Daily

In partnership with the ANKORS team, Shambhala Music Festival is excited to announce that they have donated the final $10,000 needed for the purchase of a FTIR Spectrometer; an advanced drug checking technology which can detect many ingredients in one substance. The donation completed the GoFundMe campaign that ANKORS has been hosting for the past two years.

Shambhala Music Festival, which runs from August 10-13 on a ranch outside Salmo, has long been championed for their work in harm reduction and continue to pave the way for other live events to follow their lead. One of the teams that has been essential to this mission is ANKORS, who are a not-for-profit organization that provide harm reduction services at music festivals through on-site drug testing and will be returning to Shambhala for the 16th year as the festival prepares for their 2018 edition officially beginning Thursday with early opening.

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