Street drugs poisoned with benzos can lead to ‘catastrophic’ overdoses: advocate

published on April 29, 2021 by Amy Smart in Yahoo News Canada

VANCOUVER — A drug policy adviser to the City of Vancouver is warning of a dangerous drug saturating British Columbia’s illicit supply in much the same way fentanyl did several years ago.

Karen Ward said unregulated benzodiazepines, or benzos, make overdoses more complex because they are often combined with opioids, but do not respond to the same overdose-reversing treatment.

“When combined with an opiate, it can produce a very, very serious overdose, a catastrophic overdose because you’re down and because it’s not an opiate, so naloxone has no effect on it,” Ward said.

“This is very different situation than we were in a couple of years ago. And this is due to the contamination and ongoing degradation of the drug supply in B.C., and it’s everywhere in B.C., it’s terrifying.”…

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