Local doctors push for different approach to medical marijuana
October 09, 2015 | News 1130

VANCOUVER – Two local leaders in HIV/AIDS research are breaking ranks from their medical association, calling for it to change its approach to medical marijuana. The rules don’t rely on the most up-to-date science, according to Doctors Thomas Kerr and Julio Montaner with the BC Centre fo...

CBC: Interview with Dr. M-J Milloy on cannabis
October 09, 2015 | CBC News

Segment begins at 1:16:44. Interview between 1:17:26-1:24:21...

CBC: Interview with Dr. Thomas Kerr
October 09, 2015 | CBC News


Les jeunes Autochtones de la rue risquent plus d’aller en prison
October 08, 2015 | ICI Radio Canada

Les jeunes Autochtones qui vivent dans la rue sont plus aptes Õ ÕŽtre incarcÕ©rÕ©s que ceux d’origine diffÕ©rente, indique une Õ©tude effectuÕ©e Õ Vancouver pendant presque huit ans. ÕÑ l’aide de questionnaires et de rÕ©munÕ©rations, les chercheurs du Centre d’e...

Vancouver Aboriginal street youth face higher incarceration rates, report says
October 07, 2015 | CBC News

Aboriginal street youth in Vancouver are 1.4 times more likely to be jailed than their non-aboriginal counterparts, according to a study released Wednesday by the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS. The report, conducted by the centre’s Urban Health Research Initiative, said one explanation ...

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