Inmates cut off methadone less likely to seek it after release
March 28, 2015 | Brown University

When people on methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) are incarcerated in the United States, they are almost always forced off of the addiction-controlling medicine. In a randomized trial led by researchers at Brown University and The Miriam Hospital, inmates allowed to stay on MMT while in jail prov...

The Greens on marijuana legalization
January 06, 2015 | Cannabis Digest

An Interview with Elizabeth May Cannabis Digest: Do you know anything aboutHempology 101in Victoria, or what we do as an organization? Elizabeth May:No We have been involved in the Victoria scene for 15 years. We are an advocacy group for hemp and marijuana – both sides of the cannabis coin. W...

Study to look at ‘Welfare Wednesday’ and injection drug use
September 24, 2014 | Global News

VANCOUVER – A new study will look at whether changing the timing of when welfare cheques are issued will affect drug overdoses among recipients who use intravenous drugs. BC issues welfare cheques on the last Wednesday of the month. In the study called Timing of income assistance payments and ...

Social assistance study aims to reduce overdose rate
September 24, 2014 | CBC News

Are there better, more helpful ways to distribute income assistance? A new study hopes to find out A new pilot project set to launch on Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will try distributing welfare and other social assistance cheques in smaller instalments to see if it will help the recipients b...

Overdose risk twice as high on welfare day: Study
September 24, 2014 | Metro News

Recipients of income assistance who use drugs are more than two times more at risk of overdose on cheque day, according to a new study. The Urban Health Research Initiative (UHRI) at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS published its latest findings in The International Journal of Drug Policy af...

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