New report finds drug prohibition, stricter law enforcement key sources of violence and gun crime
March 23, 2010

LISTEN: Dr. Evan Wood discusses the report on CBC’s The Current Proposed “tough on crime” policies such as mandatory minimum sentences will be costly for taxpayers and may actually increase violence in Canadian communities Vancouver, BC (March 2010): Canada’s war on drugs has failed to curb the illicit drug trade, and propos...

BMJ Group honours Dr. Evan Wood with a Doctor of the Year award for Insite evaluation
March 10, 2010

BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS researcher lauded for leadership on harm reduction and work on HIV, public health and addiction Vancouver – One of the world’s leading providers of trusted medical information and services, BMJ Group, today recognized Dr. Evan Wood, lead researcher at the BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (BC-CFE)...

Conservatives’ decision to appeal Insite ruling obstructs progress on important healthcare issues
February 9, 2010

“War on Drugs’ Mentality Has Dire Consequences for Community Health Vancouver – The federal government’s decision today to challenge a BC Court of Appeal ruling on Insite will further delay the implementation of proven harm reduction initiatives that save lives and reduce the transmission of HIV/AIDS. The Conservative Party ...

Reports of police misconduct and illegal drug enforcement tactics linked with health-related harms in Thailand
December 3, 2009

Bangkok / Vancouver – Research findings released today by the Thai AIDS Treatment Action Group (TTAG) and BC Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS (Vancouver, Canada) suggest high rates of police misconduct and show that this abuse of power is linked to health-related harms among people who inject drugs (IDU) in Bangkok. The study, published in t...

Vancouver losing Its war on illicit drugs
November 24, 2009

(Vancouver) – The first comprehensive report on the epidemic of hard drug use in Vancouver shows that the federal government’s anti-drug strategy is failing and that new, innovative policies must be implemented to reduce the associated health, crime and financial burdens borne by residents. Researchers at the Urban Health Research Initi...

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