Changes to income assistance payment schedules could have wide-ranging effects on drug use and related harm
June 3, 2019

Vancouver – Coast Salish Territory – Changing how and when people who use drugs receive their income assistance payments could reduce escalations in drug use around government cheque day, however, changes could also have unintended consequences that increase individual drug-related harm. Researchers with the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) h...

Cheyenne Johnson and Perry Kendall assume Co-Executive Director roles at BC Centre on Substance Use
June 1, 2019

Vancouver – Coast Salish Territory – Cheyenne Johnson, current Director of Clinical Activities at the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU), will act as Co-Executive Director alongside former BC Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall, who newly joins the BCCSU. They will share co-leadership responsibilities while Dr. Evan Wood takes a one-yea...

SRO evictions increasing overdose risk and homelessness in Vancouver
March 26, 2019

Vancouver – Coast Salish Territory – Housing policies in Vancouver single room occupancy (SRO) hotels are failing to protect people who use drugs, driving the homelessness crisis and contributing to overdose risk, say researchers from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) and University of British Columbia (UBC). In a study published today in ...

Moms endorse call for Heroin Compassion Clubs
February 22, 2019

A national organization representing families who’ve lost a loved one to substance use is endorsing a proposal calling for regulated and controlled heroin sales to help stop fentanyl-related overdose deaths. Members of Moms Stop the Harm say the proposal should be urgently implemented in light of the ongoing overdose crisis. An estimated 11 Canad...

Expert report recommends legally regulated heroin sales in BC
February 21, 2019

“Heroin Compassion Clubs” could fight fentanyl-related overdoses and disrupt organized crime’s key role in money laundering & housing unaffordability, according to recommendations of the BC Centre on Substance Use VANCOUVER – COAST SALISH TERRITORY – The BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) is recommending the urgent implementation of a...

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