Lower vaccination rates among people who use drugs could lead to serious outcomes from COVID-19
April 6, 2022

As many jurisdictions in Canada begin to ease public health measures intended to limit serious cases and fatalities caused by COVID-19, new research from the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) and the University of British Columbia (UBC) suggests many people remain at risk of serious disease. The Government of Canada, through its COVID-19 Immunity ...

Fear of child separation, violence increases overdose risk despite scaling up of harm reduction services: study
March 30, 2022

Canada’s child welfare system, in combination with policies that criminalize people who use drugs, are increasing risk of overdose and other harms for mothers, according to new research. The study, published today in the American Journal of Public Health by researchers with the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) and University of British Colu...

New research shows access to a safer supply in BC helped reduce overdose risk
March 9, 2022

The increasingly toxic and unpredictable drug supply during COVID-19 led many people to seek prescription alternatives, referred to as prescribed safe supply, in order to limit exposure to overdose risk, according to new research published today. However, those who accessed a safe supply still sought illicit drugs because of limitations to prescrib...

Overdose prevention sites provide wide range of health benefits: new research
December 2, 2021

The scaling-up of overdose prevention sites (OPS) in Vancouver beginning in December 2016 was associated with a range of health benefits, including an increase in engagement in addiction treatment, as well decreases in public injection and syringe sharing. The findings from researchers with the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) and University of B...

Researchers to investigate vaccine uptake, efficacy and side effects in vulnerable urban populations
July 14, 2021

Urban centres across Canada are home to many vulnerable populations who are more at risk of acquiring SARS-CoV-2 and developing serious complications from COVID-19. The Government of Canada, through the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force (CITF) and the Vaccine Surveillance Reference Group (VSRG), is investing approximately $770,000 in a new study that wi...
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