Two-Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and other youth (2SLGBTQI+) youth experience disproportionately high rates of opioid use and opioid-related substance use disorders. While specialized sexual health services for 2SLGBTQI+ young adults exist, specialized substance use and harm reduction programs that are tailored for these youth are scarce and focus primarily on stimulants, not opioids. This sub-study of our CIHR-funded Implementation Science Team Grant employs a photovoice research methodology to examine the social and cultural context of opioid use among 2SLGBTQI+ youth and their experiences accessing harm reduction and substance use services.

Photovoice is a participatory action research approach in which participants are invited to take photographs that illustrate their experiences and perspectives. These images are used as reference points for participants to represent aspects of their everyday experiences to researchers, and as a source for initiating conversations that document and reflect their reality. Selected photographs and accompanying narratives will be featured in online and in-person exhibitions.


The objectives of the sub-study are to:

  1. Examine the social and cultural context of opioid use among 2SLGBTQI+, including the evolving landscape of harm reduction and substance use interventions.
  2. Identify the socio-cultural risk factors that shape drug-related harm among 2SLGBTQI+ youth who use opioids.
  3. Identify potential solutions to drug-related harms that are grounded in the lived experiences of 2SLGBTQI+ youth who use opioids.
  4. Inform the implementation and adaptation of harm reduction and substance use interventions for 2SLGBTQI+ youth who use opioids.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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