Canadian government investing in prescription drug addiction research
February 16, 2016 | Kelowna Now

The Canadian government is working to cut down the number of prescription drug addictions in the country. Jane Philpott, Minister of Health, announced Tuesday that the federal government will be investing $4.4 million towards research into prescription drugs, and how to make people healthier who tak...

BC prisoners with opiate addiction gain therapy
February 16, 2016 | Global News

VANCOUVER – Prisoners struggling with opiate addictions in British Columbia jails have gained the same right to medical treatment as people outside the corrections system. BC Corrections has implemented a new policy after four men who alleged they were denied opiate replacement therapy launche...

Tackling gambling addiction requires policy, not prohibition: Addiction expert
February 12, 2016 | CBC News

Dr. Evan Wood said he knows many like former CFL player Angus Reid who have hit rock bottom through gambling Gambling affects the brain in much the same way as drugs oralcohol, anda public health approach should used to regulatethe industry, saidan addiction and public health expert. “The same...

Momentum mounts for medical marijuana
February 10, 2016 | University Affairs

More Canadians are using medical marijuana for a wider array of health ailments, but the research hasn’t kept pace. It was a watershed moment for the study of medical marijuana. This past December, Canadian university researchers, federal and provincial officials, patient advocates and industr...

Dr. Evan Wood and BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Programs
February 10, 2016 | CBC News

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