Michael Pond: New resources to treat alcohol use disorder
February 08, 2016 | The Province

Since the documentary Wasted aired on CBC’s Nature of Things, I’ve lost track of the number of desperate requests I’ve received for more information, especially about the medications mentioned in the film. The idea of using drugs to “get off drugs” – and alcohol...

Warning after more overdose deaths
February 05, 2016 | Global News

Vancouver Police officers are issuing a renewed warning about fentanyl after a series of fatal overdoses. They’ve also arrested several people in connection with the distribution of the drug. Catherine Urquhart reports....

Study to determine feasibility of supervised injection services in Thunder Bay
February 05, 2016 | Nation Talk

In March 2016, the Ontario HIV Treatment Network, with support from the Thunder Bay Drug Strategy, will begin assessing the feasibility of supervised injection services in Thunder Bay. Supervised injection services are health programs where people inject drugs under safe conditions and can gain acce...

Thunder Bay to look at feasibility of supervised safe injection site
February 04, 2016 | TB News Watch

In 2013, 29 people in Thunder Bay died because of drug and alcohol abuse. With high levels of addiction in the city, it only makes sense to look at the feasibility of a local supervised safe injection site, said officials behind the launch of a study that will look into the possibility of bringing s...

Ontario HIV Treatment Network and Thunder Bay Drug Strategy assessing the feasibility of supervised injection services in Thunder Bay
February 04, 2016 | Thunder Bay Live

Supervised injection services can have positive impacts on communities where they are located, including: – Reducing the risk of HIV transmission and overdose deaths– Increasing the use of addiction treatment services– Reducing the extent of injection drug use in public places, and...
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