Knowledge brokers funded to support research uptake
October 21, 2015 | Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research

Two research teams pursuing innovative health solutions will be supported to implement knowledge translation strategies through MSFHR’s 2015 Supplemental Knowledge Broker Funding Competition. The competition, held in partnership with the Wall Solutions Initiative (WSI), will fund the hiring of...

Canadian marijuana firms’ stocks surge after Liberal Party win
October 21, 2015 | Telesur

Justin Trudeau promised to legalize and regulate marijuana during his electoral campaign. When? It is yet to be defined. Canadian medical marijuana producers’ stocks surged Tuesday after Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party historic victory, which increases hopes that the new prime minister wi...

Study finds Aboriginal youth are incarcerated at higher rate
October 17, 2015 | The Ubyssey

A recent study has found that aboriginal youth are incarcerated at a higher rate than non-aboriginal youth. The study, whose senior author was UBC alum Kora DeBeck, found that even when researchers took into account drug use, homelessness and other factors that put youth at an increased risk for imp...

New opiate addiction treatment drug gets PharmaCare coverage
October 13, 2015 | My Prince George Now

The Province announced today it would begin covering a new opiate addiction treatment drug under PharmaCare. Suboxone is a substitute for methadone treatment that is much less toxic and comes in pill form, meaning addicts no longer have to make daily trips to the pharmacy. “Part of the things ...

CFAX 1070: Interview with Dr. M-J Milloy on cannabis
October 13, 2015 | CFAX 1070

Segment begins at 6:48, interview from 7:01 – 29:47...
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