The preceptorship is in-person education with an experienced prescriber, providing direct clinical practice, including evidence-based assessment and treatment for opioid use disorder, with a focus on opioid agonist treatment (OAT) medications. The preceptorship is an opportunity to apply the learnings from the POATSP Online Course or POATSP: RNs and RPNs online course and workbook in clinical practice.

Role of the preceptor

Preceptors assist in the training and mentoring of new prescribers of OAT medications (physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and registered psychiatric nurses).

During the in-person preceptorship, the preceptor:

  1. Reviews the workbook with the preceptee
  2. Ensures the Safe Prescribing Agreement is discussed and signed
  3. Completes the Preceptor Review Form to provide an assessment and sign-off of the preceptees, based on competencies demonstrated and articulated through the preceptorship

The time of the preceptorship is tailored according to discipline and OAT medication:

Preceptor location

The BCCSU has developed a process to select preceptors across the province to ensure adequate availability for new prescribers.

Preceptor criteria

  1. Ability to host learners in your OAT clinic and an interest/aptitude in teaching
  2. At least 3 years’ experience prescribing oral OAT
  3. A minimum of 20 patients on active OAT
  4. A clinical practice that includes routine inductions with all approved oral OAT
  5. Clinical practice adhering to the BCCSU’s Provincial Guidelines and other relevant clinical guidance

If you are interested in applying to be a preceptor, email [email protected] for an application form.

Training and reimbursement

  • Comprehensive training for the preceptor role and responsibilities will be provided
  • Preceptors will be reimbursed $200 for each half-day of teaching and any training sessions required by the BCCSU


Guidebooks (answer key)

Updated guidebooks are emailed to preceptors. If a replacement copy is required, email [email protected].

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