Treatment and supportive recovery services are live-in or bed-based substance use services that offer a range of programs and supports to help people who are looking to reduce or abstain from substances, and/or reduce harms associated with substance use. Programs can vary both in length, types of services offered, model of care and intensity of supports available.

Below is a list of services available in communities in B.C. and where to find additional information, including service provider websites and information on complaints.

List of bed-based treatment and supportive recovery services In British Columbia:

As a public resource, these lists are an easily accessible tool for individuals to find service options available in their community. They clearly distinguish services that are operating under the oversight of health authorities or the Assisted Living Registry. Services not on this list may be providing a different type of service (e.g. supportive housing, in-hospital setting) or operating unlawfully.

In addition to providing the service type, these lists also includes contact information and links to service provider websites, general eligibility criteria, and confirmation of which service providers accept clients on Opioid Agonist Treatment (OAT).

Finding a service that facilitates access to prescribed medication is an important consideration for people who are taking or considering medically assisted therapy (such as opioid agonist treatment for opioid use disorder) as part of their treatment and recovery plan. If you or your loved one is currently taking a prescribed medication for substance use, it is important to ask service providers if they have a policy or protocol that might impact your medication (i.e. tapering protocols) to ensure the level of service fits with your recovery goals and care plan.

Licensed services

Licensed services typically offer a higher intensity program to people who may require clinical services to achieve their treatment and recovery goals.

Some features of a licensed service may include: regularly scheduled, structured psycho-educational-social/ life skills, peer support plus increased programming and support by credentialed staff e.g. clinical counselling, behavioural therapy, medical support.

Licensed services are typically shorter in length, often offering 30-60 day programs.

Registered services

Registered services offer supports and service to individuals who are looking to work on their recovery goals in a communal environment that does not provide the same intensity of support as a licensed service.

Some features of a registered service include: regularly scheduled, structured psycho-educational-social/life skills and peer support (e.g. group) and support to access outside medical services (clinical counselling, medical professional). Staff of registered supportive recovery residence are not typically clinical health care professionals.

Registered services are often referred to as supportive recovery homes or recovery homes and may offer programs that are longer in length.

Both licensed and registered services in British Columbia can be delivered by not-for-profit organizations, private businesses and programs provided by health authorities.

There are typically fees charged for bed-based services. It is important to ask service providers for information about any fees they charge and which methods of payment they accept (private pay, medical insurance, income assistance funding). It is also recommended that clients ask about the refund policy (and any circumstances for which a refund will not be provided) before they decide to enter the service.

If you are unsure whether you qualify for assistance with fees, please contact your local health authority, health-care professional, and/or the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.

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